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Children's Gardening Classes         child


Join us at Gardens of Delight once a month at 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 a.m. on Saturdays (April through September ) to learn all about organic gardening and bees.  Our Children's Gardening program offers excellent classes for creating wonderful habits for eating healthy, starting your own garden, beekeeping, recipes from the garden and so much more. This is a fun and interactive program for teaching excellent nutrition for a lifetime. Suitable for children of all ages, parents encouraged to attend. 

Our Gardening Program is a part of Healthy Kids Club.
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How does your Garden Grow?

We introduce children to vegetables and fruits that grow in the garden, the vitamins and minerals that are within each one, and why it is important to eat organic food to stay healthy.


Jack & Jill's Bean Stalk

Children learn about seeds and germination. Children plant and tend their own bean seeds, following the cycles of growth until they are planted in the garden. We learn about all the requirements for a seed to grow and how to care for it until it sprouts. Later in the season we watch the plant produce beans, we will harvest the beans at a later class, and learn how to cook beans for a meal.


What's in the Dirt?

Children may know that there are many bugs and worms in the soil. But why are they there? How can we create a better soil for our good bugs to live in? Children are introduced to compost, bone meal, kelp and green sand for helping keep our good bugs and our plants alive.


Eating Healthy

Children discover the foods that their family likes to eat, they will choose the seeds that will grow into food. We will start seeds in "flats" and learn how to tend to them. We follow all the steps necessary to planting these seedlings into the garden. Children take home recipes for healthy vegetable dishes.


Gardening is Fun

Children learn skills to maintain their gardens: weeding, watering and how to harvest food. Learn the cycles of plant growth, what is required to grow a healthy plant; sunlight, nutrients, water, soil health. And also what kind of diet is recommended for growing healthy kids.


Recipes for Health

Harvest food from the garden and learn how to save food to eat over the winter. We will discuss freezing, canning, dehydrating and how to turn food into tasty recipes.


Bees and Kids

Class 1. Children Learn why bees are important to having food to eat. Children learn about the bee colony, studying the different kinds of bees in the hive. Learn how bees collect nectar and pollen, and how bees make honey.

Class 2.  Inspecting the hive. Children study the structure of how the hive operates, look into the hive to see the "babies" (brood) pollen and honey, worker bees, drones and perhaps even see the queen.

Class 3.  Planting flowers for bees. Children discover which flowers the bees enjoy visiting and we'll plant these special flowers for the bees. Discover pollination, why it's good for us to eat honey and pollen, and the benefits of starting your own hive.

Class 4. Learn about the methods for starting your own hive, the hardware required, how to set up and maintain your hive. Ordering bees and queens, and get an introduction to our local beekeeping organization.